Some may say it was a forced friendship, as both our families were friends long before we were born. However, despite the odds, we actually really did like one another.  It helped that we always shared so much in common, with a love for hunting, fishing, football, and travel. We even share a similar taste in more than just food and hobbies. We both managed to marry women that could appreciate a good catch (pun intended), as our wives were both catchers on  collegiate softball teams. In reality, we are the ones that got the steal (just can’t help ourselves with the puns). But in all seriousness, our love for our wives, kids, and cattle is the greatest thing we share now.

For as much as our lives have paralleled, it would also take us different directions, shaping our individual perspectives and experiences.  Our differences have developed the strengths and skills that have now intersected with our entrepreneurial minds to form R-C Ranch. We each bring unique contributions to the operation but share a like-minded commitment and dedication to our product and customers.

Our goal has been the same since day one: QUALITY. Quality product, quality people and a quality experience. R-C Ranch is located in Angleton, Texas where we raise all of the beef that ends up on your plate. Shortly after we found our love for Wagyu beef, we developed a 100% natural, Wagyu program ourselves dedicated to offering superior quality beef that is cost effective for our customers. Enjoyable and affordable. Because of this, we have a wide variety of products to suite any price point. Whether it is a ribeye for a white tablecloth dinner, or fajitas on the grill, we intend to provide a first-rate product for our first-rate clients.

If loving Wagyu is wrong...

I don’t wanna be right

Meet Blake

Good beef, good beer and good times. Blake is always pushing the envelope and sees opportunity in challenging the status quo. His passion is discovering new ways to enjoy food and beverages. With a background in the craft beer industry, he has been successful in elevating how people think about and experience a product. His focus is on protecting the ranching lifestyle and heritage, all the while providing a modern and affordable option to consumers who want to experience Wagyu Beef. Enthusiastic and energized in his pursuits, Blake goes all-in. He knows how to push the limit of what people expect, by raising the bar on the quality of product he brings.

Meet Ryan

His grandfather’s favorite quote was, “The harder I worked, the luckier I became.”, and Ryan took that to heart and still lives by that mantra today.Born and raised in Brazoria county, where he now lives with his family, Ryan is a food and cattle enthusiast. His interest in food and service was sparked at an early age while working behind the counter of his grandfather’s seafood market in Freeport, Texas. Barely able to see over it, you could find Ryan selling at the counter. He would later play football at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, and his time spent in Southeast Louisiana cultivated and evolved his love for all things culinary, because, in Louisiana, “it is not just a meal, it is an experience”. The combination of quality and the experience would be culminated with his introduction to Wagyu beef. Intentional and intense with everything he does, Ryan dove head-first into the world of Wagyu, seeking out reputable mentors, immersing himself in the genetics, breeding and nutrition.

Meet Lukas

Lukas Langford is a third generation rancher born and raised in Katy, Texas. Lukas started his first herd at the age of 5 by raising orphan calves that he got from local ranchers. From that point on he as been in the cattle business.

In 1991 his family started a cattle management company and they worked and managed cattle throughout Texas. When he was 16 he moved to Brazoria county and graduated from Brazosport Christian School in 1999. He continued his education at the University of Houston and graduated in 2011 with a BBA in Business Management while minoring in Marketing. He also has a certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Meet Rick

Rick Dixon started his culinary journey at the age of fifteen as a prep cook at a small country kitchen in his hometown of Conroe Texas. Coming up in the restaurant industry he worked all facets and cuisines...but his passion was locally raised protein. He started working with ranches on restaurant concepts, carcass utilization and prepared products that would increase profit margins while also honoring the animal.

In 2017, Chef Rick joined R-C Ranch as Chef/Director of Culinary Development and quickly became an indispensable asset to the ranch, bringing his refined palate and creativity to everything he touched. On any given day Chef Rick can be found creating products, such as spice blends, sausages, cured meats, broths or working side by side with clients to insure the quality of service is as great as the beef. He believes the most flavorful cuisine is made simply with the best, highest quality ingredients and he considers it part of his job to inspire and educate about the bounty of great wagyu beef that R-C Ranch raises right here in Texas.

Meet Michelle

Michelle Homniok is a long time resident of Brazoria County and has had a life long passion for agriculture. It began on the family farm in Cameron, Texas, and continued with her showing cattle at the Brazoria County Fair in high school. She graduated from Brazoswood High School in 1995 where she was involved in FFA and the meats processing program. She continued her education at Sam Houston State University and graduated in 2001 with an Agricultural Business degree with an Animal Science minor.

She joined the R-C Ranch staff in 2019 as the Ranch Administrator and strives to utilize her passion and knowledge to promote and educate everyone on the high quality Wagyu products of R-C Ranch. She is very excited to be a part of such a unique ranch that focuses on quality and holds family values in a very high regard.

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