All About Wagyu Cattle – Part Four

Say hello to the last and final part of our Wagyu cattle series – R-C’s Quality of Wagyu Beef. Here at R-C Ranch, we believe in incorporating quality values into every aspect of our business. Which is why our main goal is simple: QUALITY. Quality product, people, and experience. If you have yet to try our Texas CRAFT beef, we want to be there first to invite you to experience the R-C difference. And, we know that once you try our beef, you’ll be obsessed too.

4. R-C’s Quality of Wagyu Beef

At R-C Ranch, our team believes in producing only the highest quality product at an affordable price. Since our founding, we have been able to develop a 100% natural Wagyu program dedicated to superior quality and freshness. When we aren’t tending to cattle or our land, you can find us in the kitchen trying and testing out new recipes We love experimenting and discovering new ways to cook our products. With that being said, our online store will offer a wide variety of products to suit any occasion. After all, Texas wasn’t won on salads!

R-C Ranch Tenderloin

Our online store is coming along! We cannot wait to share the finished product with you guys. Our store will provide a way for customers to have easy access to the amazing experience of R-C Ranch Texas CRAFT beef. With that being said, sign up to receive updates as soon as it launches.

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