All About Wagyu Cattle – Part One

Wagyu beef is highly sought after, popular, and has been all the rage recently. When our founders, Ryan Cade and Blake Robertson, first tried Wagyu beef six years ago, they became instantly hooked and obsessed. After tasting Wagyu beef, it’s easy to see why. Wagyu beef is unrivaled when it comes to taste, texture, and quality. Likewise, over the next four months we will be posting one fact a month about Wagyu cattle. With that being said, we hope you enjoy reading these four facts about the breed that changed our business and our lives.

1. What are Wagyu cattle?
Wagyu is a Japanese beef cattle breed that derives from Native Asian cattle. In fact, the term “Wagyu” refers to all Japanese beef cattle, with “Wa” meaning Japan and “Gyu” meaning cow. Wagyu is a horned breed and is typically black or red in color. The breed is known for withstanding harsh climates and their marbling ability. Also, in the United States, Wagyu cattle are bred for superior meat quality traits and calving ease ability.

To learn more about the benefits of Wagyu beef, please visit our about us page.

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