Let's get this Wagyu culinary journey started!

If you are like many Americans today, everywhere you look, you see food. Pictures, videos, tv shows, and of course, on social media, there is no escaping it! You see all of this beautiful food and think to yourself… "I can do that!!!” only to be disappointed when it turns out nothing like your inspiration. We want to help!!! Visit our Chefs Corner where we will cover all the basics to get you started down the path of culinary greatness. We will cover different cuts, techniques, and the most important: preparation. If you are looking to be the next grill master, Top Chef, or Gordon Ramsey be sure to check our R-C Ranch’s Chefs Corner! Let's get this Wagyu culinary journey started!

About the Chef...

Chef Rick Dixon was R-C Ranch’s first client. The quality of R-C’s beef was so evident that he later became the chef, and has joined Ryan and Blake on the R-C team. The R-C Ranch team, with their fun-loving personalities, often joke “If Loving Wagyu Is Wrong..I Don’t Wanna Be Right.”

“I immediately fell in love with the product and the people that are R-C Ranch,” Dixon said.

Dixon, the Director of Culinary Development at R-C Ranch, gets to showcase the exceptional quality of R-C Ranch’s product and create quality dining experiences for customers. He works with both existing clients and new business development. He will help develop new recipes and options for food service that can be utilize the beef and give great entrees and great experiences to food-lovers across Texas.

“One thing we do differently than many other beef producers is work side by side with restaurant owners, chefs and managers on menu development and implementations,” Chef Rick said. And, it’s definitely working. R-C Ranch Beef can be seen on menus all around the Houston area and is spreading across Texas.

“We simply love what we do and hope everyone gets to experience the R-C Ranch Texas Craft Beef difference because of it,” Dixon said. The success and passion that the R-C Ranch team has is impeccable and customers can see the difference. At R-C Ranch, the goal is simple: Quality product, quality people, and a quality experience.

Texas wasn't won on salads!

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