How to Pick Out the Perfect Steak

Let’s face it, not all cuts of meat are equal. Trying to pick out the perfect steak for date night, parties, events, and even special occasions can be difficult. But, we are here to deliver the good news that it doesn’t have to be! In particular, Wagyu beef is known for its tenderness, marbled appearance, and its ability to melt in your mouth. While some particular cuts of steak are known to be more tender than others, preparation of all R-C Ranch Texas CRAFT Beef will lead to a dining experience you won’t forget. Nonetheless, we will walk you through a few steps of what to look for in a steak, and how to decide which cut of meat is right for you – Simply because Texas wasn’t won on salads.

What to Look for When Buying a Steak

No matter which cut of meat you prefer, always keep these tips in mind:

  • The steak should have a bright cherry red color, which is key to letting you know how fresh it is. Steaks that are darker in color can indicate that they are older.
  • The steak should be firm and cold to the touch.
  • Buying a high quality steak doesn’t mean you have to go to a fancy meat market. Keep in mind that R-C Ranch can ship right to your door with our online store!
  • Also, keep in mind that a high-quality steak will contain a lot of marbling, which is represented by the flecks of white fat within the meat. In fact, the more present, the higher the USDA quality grade. The higher marbling will enhance the flavor and juiciness of the cut of meat as well. A lean cut will have little to no marbling and will require a correct preparation to enhance the taste and tenderness.

R-C Ranch Ribeye – Notice the coloring and marbling in the meat.

How to Decide Which Cut of Meat is Right for You

Depending on your budget, there can be a wide variety of steak available for purchase. However, keep in mind that different cuts of meat will have different qualities. Likewise, one thing we enjoy about Wagyu beef is the fact that it can adapt to various cooking styles and methods without morphing.

  • Our favorite Wagyu steaks when it comes to tenderness have to be the tenderloin filet, ribeye steak, and denver strip.
  • Likewise, our recommended steaks for those special white tablecloth nights are the filet and ribeye. Yes, you will be paying a higher price for these cuts of meat but the quality and dining experience is something that can’t be beat. While ordering Wagyu steak at a restaurant can be fun, consumers also have the opportunity to order Wagyu beef online. This option is great for those who want to save money and enjoy the taste of Wagyu beef in the comfort of their homes. At R-C Ranch, we provide this option through our online store!
  • For those who love to grill outdoors, we recommend Wagyu ribeye cuts, as these will do great. Although, we also love grilling flank steak, sirloin, and tri-tip. However, these cuts of meat will need to be marinated beforehand and watched closely while on the grill.

R-C Ranch Tenderloin

We hope you have enjoyed reading our tips and tricks of how to pick out the perfect steak. At R-C Ranch, we believe that quality products, quality people, and a quality experience are the keys to life. And lastly, if loving Wagyu is wrong, we don’t want to be right!

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