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Black Hide BBQ Rub - 16oz i

$8/ 8-10 Lbs / $4.82 Per Serving

Our monthly memberships make eating healthy and local easier than ever. For a low monthly fee, a box of Texas raised Wagyu, beef arrives at your door (plus lots of fun extras) Build your custom Wagyu box below. 1. Free Shipping ANYWHERE in the great state of TEXAS (A Huge Savings) 2. Discounted Member Boxes plus a discount on all add ons! 3. One Lucky Member wins two Wagyu Ribeyes Every Month! ($100 value) 4. We are going to go live once a month and throw a party, let's cook together and fellowship, I mean we all have at least one thing in common..GREAT TASTE! 5. You really are on the team-as we test new products, we send them to you..Free of charge and just ask that you let us know if we got it right! 6. Great meats deserve great we are throwing in Free Five Star Blend, Black Hide Rub, and we have some new ones the way...with your box as long as your a member! 7. We love to give, and without your support we couldn't do it. So we are donating four meals worth of local meats to the Brazoria Dream Center in the name Texas Craft Club for every member. 8. Eat Well, Live well, Dress well..we live the Texans Feeding Texans life style everyday..and we are sending a Members Only Limited T-Shirt to show it off. 9. A true Ranch to table experience, we are not an online reseller, this meat is the real deal. Stay tuned about member only Ranch Experiences where we will get dirty, eat really well, and have a whole buncha fun!

5 Star Blend - 29oz i

$16/ 8-10 Lbs / $4.82 Per Serving

Chris and James’ handpicked selection of the cuts they love to cook year round. Enjoy at least 10% off pasture-raised essentials, plus a rotating selection of seasonally appropriate favorites. Includes 2 Dry Aged Steaks, 2 Pork Chops, 1 lb of Dry Aged Ground Beef and 1 lb of Pork Bacon — PLUS an additional assortment that changes each month.

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Please allow 3-5 business days for your order to ship

Black Hide BBQ Rub - 16oz

Delivered every 4-Weeks

16oz Container

Black crusty bark, deep red smoke ring, perfectly tender and juicy….mmm. You know I am talking about Texas Brisket. When you want to recreate that one-of-a-kind experience look no further than R-C Black Hide BBQ Rub. Formulated over a decade of competing in competitions all over the state and landing on stage at the World Championship this rub will get the job done.

Box $8
Add-Ons $8
Delivery FREE

Per Delivery $164

5 Star Blend - 29oz

Delivered every 4-Weeks

NOW in a Family friendly size, you have spoken and we have heard you. You said “We put it on everything! This little bottle doesn’t cut it!” R-C Ranch is no ordinary beef…so you don’t want to just use some ordinary seasoning right? We have gone from the drawing board to the grill hundreds of times until we nailed it! 5 Star Blend is formulated specifically for our Texas Wagyu beef. Its the perfect blend to bring out all the best our beef has to offer.

Box $16
Add-Ons $16
Delivery FREE

Per Delivery $164