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At R-C Ranch our goal is simple: QUALITY. Quality Product, Quality People, and a Quality Experience.

R-C Ranch was built by beef lovers, for beef lovers. The first time we tried Wagyu beef, over 6 years ago, we were instantly hooked / obsessed. The obsession turned into a passion, which grew into our business today: R-C Ranch Beef. Our family is involved every step of the way, from the ranch to your plate, and we know that once you try our Texas Craft Beef, you'll be obsessed too.

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Quality Product

High caliber and cost effective seem to be contradicting terms, but not at R-C Ranch. We have strategically developed our program to offer superior quality Wagyu beef to our clients. We have never lost sight of wanting our product to be enjoyable AND affordable. How? By offering a wide range of cuts for a wide range of budgets. Whether it's a ribeye for a white tablecloth dinner, or fajitas on the grill, we intend to provide a first-rate product for our first-rate clients.

Quality People

Yes, we know you're here for the outstanding Wagyu Beef, but we also want you to know that our mission has always been about people. R-C Ranch is a family owned and operated ranch in Angleton, TX, dedicated to producing highest quality, all natural Wagyu beef. And our goal is to get great beef in the hands of great people. Both those that prepare it and those that enjoy it. Give us one bite, and you’ll know why we say “Life is short. Eat the steak first.”

Quality Experience

R-C Ranch Texas Craft Beef is designed to bring people together. In our family, the beef unites us to care for the land and cattle. In your family, it unites you to enjoy a memorable beef dinner. Our hope is that through love of beef, we can build stronger communities and stronger families. Nothing compares to the taste and tenderness of Wagyu beef. We love our beef, and hope you will too (time and time again). And hey, if loving Wagyu is wrong… I don’t wanna be right.


Eat the steak first


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Ryan Cade | Founder
Phone: 979-864-3540
Email: ryan@r-cranch.com

Blake Robertson | Founder
Phone: 979-864-3540
Email: blake@r-cranch.com

Rick Dixon | Ranch Chef
Phone: 281-686-5888
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Michelle Homniok | Ranch Administrator
Phone: 979-864-3540
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