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IN 2010

With the long-standing tradition of Texas family ranching in their blood, Co-founders Blake Robertson and Ryan Cade set out with the promise to never compromise on quality or experience when they created R-C Ranch wagyu beef. They saw a need in the market for safe high quality meat delivered direct from the source.

''When you buy from R-C Ranch, you’re purchasing directly from our family ranch in BAILEY’S PRAIRIE, TX.''

They both have a heart for their local community so they started selling their wagyu beef at surrounding farmer’s markets in Houston, TX. It didn’t take long before word got out about their high-quality family ranched beef. This led to countless partnerships with award winning restaurants all over Texas.

The time has come to bring our high quality wagyu beef and heritage pork direct from our family in Texas to your kitchen table.


Our Team

Blake Robertson

Good beef, good beer and good times. Blake is always pushing the envelope and sees opportunity in challenging the status quo. His passion is discovering new ways to enjoy food and beverages. With a background in the craft beer industry, he has been successful in elevating how people think about and experience a product. His focus is on protecting the ranching lifestyle and heritage, all the while providing a modern and affordable option to consumers who want to experience Wagyu Beef. Enthusiastic and energized in his pursuits, Blake goes all-in. He knows how to push the limit of what people expect, by raising the bar on the quality of product he brings.

Ryan Cade

His grandfather’s favorite quote was, “The harder I worked, the luckier I became.”, and Ryan took that to heart and still lives by that mantra today. Born and raised in Brazoria county, where he now lives with his family, Ryan is a food and cattle enthusiast. His interest in food and service was sparked at an early age while working behind the counter of his grandfather’s seafood market in Freeport, Texas. Barely able to see over it, you could find Ryan selling at the counter. He would later play football at the University of Louisiana Lafayette, and his time spent in Southeast Louisiana cultivated and evolved his love for all things culinary, because, in Louisiana, “it is not just a meal, it is an experience”. The combination of quality and the experience would be culminated with his introduction to Wagyu beef. Intentional and intense with everything he does, Ryan dove head-first into the world of Wagyu, seeking out reputable mentors, immersing himself in the genetics, breeding and nutrition.

Andy Pendergrass

Raised in Central Texas, Andy was born into a family with deep roots in agricultural production. Growing up on a seedstock cattle outfit and assisting his father in marketing bulls and genetics to commercial cattleman across the country; Andy found his passion to follow in his family’s footsteps in the beef business. Having a strong background in understanding how genetics, nutrition, and production systems equate to better beef, Andy has built his career applying those to the meat side of the industry for integrated cattle operations with recognized branded beef lines. He is passionate about raising the best beef there is and telling the R-C Ranch story to our chef partners and customers


Lukas Langford is a third generation rancher born and raised in Katy, Texas. Lukas started his first herd at the age of 5 by raising orphan calves that he got from local ranchers. From that point on he as been in the cattle business. In 1991 his family started a cattle management company and they worked and managed cattle throughout Texas. When he was 16 he moved to Brazoria county and graduated from Brazosport Christian School in 1999. He continued his education at the University of Houston and graduated in 2011 with a BBA in Business Management while minoring in Marketing. He also has a certificate in Entrepreneurship.

Trevor Cook

Chef Trevor Cook has been in the kitchen since the age of 14 and has been published monthly as The SCUBA Chef in California Diving News Magazine with a recipe column that is a celebration of the bounty of sustainable California seafood. After graduating from the Le Cordon Bleu, Chef Trevor continued his career in Foodservice as the Banquet Chef at the Omni Hotel in San Diego, CA. From there he created and ran a small catering company in San Diego, and after five years took his career on another path as the Executive Chef of 21 Ocean Front. Trevor joined the Culinary Services Team of U.S. Foodservice as territory manager and Division Executive Chef, where among other things he played a key role in the innovation and marketing of US Foodservice signature brands. Years later he worked with restaurants at SYSCO Foodservice as the Center of the Plate Specialist focusing on Premium Proteins. Away from his day Job working with restaurants, and before moving to Texas, you could find Chef Trevor Cook diving the coastal waters off Southern California in search of delicious sea food and developing new and exciting ways for you to prepare and cook the bounty off the West Coast.

Today Chef Trevor Cook along with his wife Stela, their 3 dogs & 3 cats are living in Magnolia, Texas. These days Chef Trevor can be found at R-C Ranch Texas Craft Meats where he joined the Family as their Director of Operations / QA & Culinary Innovation.

Tabitha Rodriguez

Tabitha has had a role in customer service and administrations throughout the Houston area in the 12 short years she has experienced the working world. Being in service created a want to study human relations and the need to adapt her people skills to zero-in on the main objective of her career focus, the customers satisfaction. She spent six years in the food and beverage industry before partnering with R-C Ranch to become their administrator. Spends her outside of work time riding her bike, reading, and trying new restaurants.