Frequently Asked Questions

If you're shipping to an address in the State of Texas and your order value is $199 or higher, then your order will ship for Free via UPS Ground.

BMS is the Beef Marble Score, a scale used by The Japanese Meat Grading Association to measure the quantity and quality of intramuscular fat (marbling) produced by one cattle.

IMF is Intramuscular Fat, commonly known as marbling. It’s measured as the ratio of lacy fat in the meat and is a critical factor used around the world to determine the quality of meat.

Absolutely. Send an email to andyp@r-cranch.com and he will coordinate a ranch visit for you.

Given the perishable nature of the product, we do not accept returns. If there is a problem with your order, contact customer service and we will work to make it right.

All of our products are shipped in individually vacuum-sealed packages (Unless otherwise noted). They are frozen and shipped with dry ice. It is normal for the dry ice to evaporate and some thawing to occur particularly during summer months, but as long as the products arrive under 39 degrees and below, have no fear as it is still safe to enjoy. We ship via UPS.

We recommend simply seasoning with sea salt and fresh ground pepper and never ever ever cooking past Medium Rare! Visit our Blog for other Recipes and Tips.

No, but this is a very common question. Although all Kobe is Wagyu, not all Wagyu is Kobe. Wagyu is the breed of cattle, which hails from Japan, and is famed for its dense marbling and flavor. Kobe beef comes from Wagyu cattle that meet very strict guidelines and are born, raised, and slaughtered the Hyogo Prefecture of Japan, whose capital city is Kobe. Wagyu beef from the US could never be Kobe beef, even though you might see “American Style Kobe” on a restaurant menu. We raise 100% Fullblood Wagyu, which is Wagyu cattle that have never been crossbred so it maintains all the lovely qualities Wagyu is known for.

We most certainly can cancel the order but we can only do so if the order hasn’t shipped. Please send us an email at info@r-cranch.com before 10am CST the day your order is supposed to ship with the request.

First off, we’re sorry about that! Please have your order number ready, take some pictures of the damage or incorrect product and send them to us so we can review and log it. Please send pictures to: info@r-cranch.com We’re always looking for ways to improve our products and pictures/feedback help us do this. We’re happy resend or refund your order; whichever works best.

We suggest re-packaging the steak in a new plastic pouch. Occasionally, during transit the product may move around and it might cause small perforations in the package. If you decide to Sous Vide it, water might get into the product and essentially ruin the steak if there are tiny perforations.

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