The Best Five Steaks You Need To Try Now

At R-C RANCH, we feel all steaks are fairly equal in terms of taste. Now, trying to wrangle five of the best cuts we could was no easy task. It’s like trying to name your favorite children. If you asked us tomorrow what our best steaks are, you would get a completely different answer. 

Wagyu steaks come in a wide variety of tenderness, required grilling methods, and price points. There are steaks fit for accessibility, and others meant for special occasions. Ultimately, the most important thing is you find the best cut of steak for you and your taste buds. 

#1 Denver Steak

One of the increasingly popular steaks on the grilling scene, the Denver Cut Steak (also known as the beef chuck primal cut) is taken from the front of the cow’s shoulder and features a rich buttery flavor and a ton of tenderness. 

Sure, most of the muscles in beef chuck are pretty tough. However, this cut is one of the exceptions, making it one of the more tender muscles you can consume. Our offerings feature a good amount of marbling and are portioned into a decadent 12 oz steak. It’s perfect over a wood fire or a hot cast iron. 

Fun fact: The name “Denver” has no real significance. Neither was this cut originated in Colorado. The title was purely for marketing purposes. 

Grill tips: Denver is best enjoyed cooked rare or medium rare. Grill, broil, or pan-sear on high heat. Make sure you slice against the grain.


#2 Bavette

Our founder’s personal favorite, the Bavette steak (also known as flap steak) is derived from the lower chest or abdominal muscles of the cow. Several adjectives perfectly describe this scrumptious cut: tender, succulent, rich, flavorful, and delicious.  

Foodies who take a bite of Bavette always remark on its striking buttery and beefy flavors. Numerous recipes recommend marinating or braising to keep the meat moist and tender. Bavette is served by slicing in strips across the grain for serving. 

Fun fact: Bavette is sneaky good fajita meat. 

Grill tips:  Do not cook beyond medium as Bavette will continue cooking when taken from a heat source. This allows the juices to run through the meat longer before escaping, enhancing the flavors. 


#3 Baseball Steak

This cut is tiny but mighty. Baseball Steak (or Top Sirloin) is a good introduction to experience Wagyu, without spending all your money. Possessing similar characteristics to a filet mignon, this cut is found in one of the more tender sections of the cow, right below the tenderloin – a popular location for Wagyu steaks. Because it is a thick cut, the flavor profile is rich, buttery, and tender. 

Fun fact: The cut is named Baseball Steak because it can fit in the palm of your hand like a baseball (a very delicious baseball). 

Grill tips: Sear steaks for two to three minutes on each side over the hottest part of the grill. Move them to lower heat, close the lid, and allow another six to ten minutes of cooking. 


#4 Wagyu Tri-Tip

Gracing Santa Monica grills for years, this Wagyu Tri-Tip cut from the sirloin is a party pleaser. The triangular shape is especially tasty on hardwood grills and boasts beautiful marbling. Best of all, because it’s so underrated, the price point is more affordable than other premium Wagyu cuts.  

Fun fact: Seriously, it used to only be available on the West Coast. Because of its growing popularity, you can now find it in many membership and specialty stores throughout our country. 

Grill tips: Sear off hot and fast, and then finish slow to a perfect medium rare. 


#5 Wagyu Flat Iron

You’ll notice two things when looking at a Wagyu Flat Iron cut: the intense marbling and how beefy it is. Sometimes referred to as the “oyster steak”, this steak is cut from the top blade of the Chuck, creating a rich and surprisingly tender outcome. This is a big, big steak, easily serving a whole family. 

Fun fact: Flat Iron is often listed as a “butcher’s cut”; it’s long been the favorite of butchers and beef experts alike. 

Grill tips: Medium rare. Season the steak with salt at a minimum. Trust us: it doesn’t need any additional flavors.