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Wagyu Beef Summer Sausage

$11.99 16oz / frozen

The art of making sausage was originally created out of necessity to preserve meat. Well with modern-day refrigeration meat preservation is much easier, but who could picture life without sausage?? Our Summer sausage is still made the old-fashioned way and tastes like delicious history. Whether you're a purist and like traditional or if you want to kick it up a little with Jalapeno and Cheese. These are delectable sausages you will want to keep around thru Winter, Spring, and Fall as well.


*Crackers and Mixed Nuts Not Included



At R-C Ranch, we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality meat. Because we pasture raise all our animals, you can taste that quality.

Customer Reviews
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Chris S.
United States United States
More like anytime day or night sausage!

At the risk of sounding like a bit of a glutton, I've finished all 3 12oz portions in single servings. Great salt, great fat, perfect tooth. Even better with caramelized onions and a good, dry cheddar cheese. I'd pay almost double, it's that good.

Wendi P.
United States United States
Great comfort food

This paired with rat cheese and ritz crackers takes time to my childhood! Great memories. Great food!