Why Is Wagyu So Expensive?

Why is Wagyu So Expensive

You might be in the market for some of the world's best beef. If so, Wagyu Beef is what you want: it features intense marbling and rich flavors with health benefits that are magnitudes beyond other selections of meat! This rare breed has a higher cost because its craft to raise this type requires more time than something like commercial cattle due also them having less fat content which makes them taste better when cooked properly OR they just need special care while on their owner’s farmlands.

What's All The Fuss About Marbling?


R-C Ranch Wagyu Denver Steak

Image: R-C Ranch Wagyu Denver Steak

Wagyu is a type of beef that has been bred for its marbling. The more colorful the stripes, bars and other patterns on an animal's meat are called "marbling." Wagyu has much higher quality than regular supermarket beef because it contains intricately detailed visible veins which add flavor as well as being aesthetically pleasing in appearance to many consumers who prize this trait highly; however plenty others also prefer their steaks without all those intricate markings so they can save money too!

The high price point mainly comes from how much attention goes into raising these cows specifically so they can produce better quality meats like wagyu cattle do – even though American grading systems don’t measure them by this factor alone.

Great Health Benefits

The health benefits of Wagyu are unmatched. The ratio between monounsaturated and saturated fats in this meat is higher than that found with other types, so it's better for you while still offering an incredible flavor! All these great qualities come together to make a beef dish worth craving.

Limited Availability

Wagyu beef is a luxury. It's available in limited quantities, especially here in the United States where there are estimated to be only 5-6 thousand Wagyu cattle and that makes it even more scarce than many other breeds of meat such as Angus which have 320362 registered during 2015 alone! Like all things exquisite or hard find they tend to cost quite a bit more due not just because people want them but also how difficult obtaining these types can sometimes seem when trying look up animal registries online without knowing what exactly one would like beforehand

Raised with A Delicate Touch

Raising Wagyu requires a delicate touch. This special breed of cattle has a "marbling gene" that brings out the delicate and rich flavors in meat, but it only works if they're raised right - with lots of care from skilled ranchers who implement practices that create an easy life for your cow!

In order to produce the world's most luxurious beef, Wagyu cattle are fed a special diet of high quality grains and vegetarian protein. This approach incurs higher costs than conventional feeding methods which usually consists largely or entirely in corn for cows who eat little else; but it pays off with flavors that range from delicate mouthfeel on up through richly layered hints at sweetness (from starch).

Wagyu cattle are encouraged to gain weight slowly and naturally with no hormones, which extends their life over two times that of conventional animals. The care involved in preparing them for harvest is significant- this will be costly on both ends financially but also time wise if you're buying your meat from these cows instead!

Beef That Stands Out

Wagyu is a superior form of beef that stands out from other kinds. It's almost like its own category, with well-marbled and full flavored meat to match it's high quality taste. If you're looking for something special in your next steak dinner try some of our R-C Ranch Wagyu Beef!


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